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Shane Meeker

Associate Director, Procter and Gamble Company Historian & Storyteller

LinkedIn: Shane Meeker

A child of the 70’s, my fascination with the power of story started with an epic and influential pair of heroes...Batman and Luke Skywalker. Both would show me the importance of adventure and that hard work, taking risks and learning from failure were all important lessons in a good life. Many a day on a small farm in central Ohio was consumed with me dressed up in a towel-made- cape fighting the underbelly of Gotham or wielding a homemade cardboard lightsaber battling the forces of the evil Empire. All of the stories of my childhood would play a huge role in the person I am today.

I eventually packed my cape and lightsaber away and attended college at The Ohio State University where I studied Industrial Design. In 1997 I graduated and started my career as an Industrial Design Manager at The Procter & Gamble Company where I have been for 21 years now. For my first 15 years I would help lead the design strategy and execution for billion dollar brands like Tide, Downy, Crest, Olay and Pampers. I loved the world of design but as a movie lover I had to try and write a screenplay. After spending years studying, researching and immersing myself in the worlds of Hollywood, mythology and fairy tales I began to understand a deeper human truth...that the art and science of story could be used as a problem solving tool in any industry and for any project. My screenplay faded away and I shifted my focus to bringing the power of story to the business world. I began to look at brands, companies and products in an entirely different way. Consumers became valiant Heroes and brands became wise Mentors that would bestow magical items called “products” to help them face obstacles on their journey. The idea of story opened my eyes to a totally new world of creative approaches. I then developed StoryMythos, a set of presentations, tools and workshops to bring to life all the fundamental story principles I had gathered while studying Hollywood, mythology, Aristotle and Joseph Campbell.

Today I am the Procter & Gamble Company Historian & Corporate Storyteller where I continue to deliver my StoryMythos workshops and presentations around the world to hundreds of companies, organizations, conferences and universities. My love and understanding of the idea called “story” is now my career and I continue to research it, turning what I learn into new tools and methodologies. My personal Hero’s Journey continues and, just like when I was a kid, I continue to find most of my inspiration from the fantastic stories of stage, page and screen.