November 1st, LPK will be hosting a reception for conference attendees who registered for the Urban + Design Tour. Conference participants will be shuttled from the university to the LPK Brand Innovation Center (22 Garfield Place, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202). Guests are invited to return to the university after the event or take the opportunity to explore downtown Cincinnati.  For wayfinding maps or information on where to eat, drink, and shop please see the information provided below. 

Cincinnati Area Map

Cincinnati Bell Connector- Streetcar map : fares and ticketing 

Over the Rhine

Over the Rhine: Chamber of Commerce


Contemporary Arts Center

Shuttle Schedule

5:00 – DAAP – Exit Level 5 Clifton Court to Clifton Avenue.  Bus will be at McMicken Circle.

5:30 – LPK Brand Innovation Center – 22 Garfield Place, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

6:00 – DAAP at Clifton Court then Kingsgate Marriott, 151 Goodman Drive, Cincinnati, 45219  

6:30 – LPK Brand Innovation Center (30 minute program begins)

7:00 –DAAP at Clifton Court, Kingsgate Marriott, Hampton Inn

7:30 – LPK Brand Innovation Center (reception ends, but bus service continues for those visiting and having dinner in Over-the-Rhine/Downtown Cincinnati.

8:00 –DAAP, Kingsgate Marriott, Hampton Inn

8:30 – LPK Brand Innovation Center

9:00 –DAAP, Kingsgate Marriott, Hampton Inn

9:30 – LPK Brand Innovation Center – final pick up

10:00 –DAAP, Kingsgate Marriott, Hampton – final drop off